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In-store Events

In-store Events

Join us for reiki on weekends or for tarot readings on weeknights. For details and hours, please see our events calendar

About Us

Ravenna Rocks is a small brick & mortar crystal shop in Northeast Seattle, located in the old Silhouette Antiques building, located just in front of the Roosevelt High School. We are neighborhood locals, and we bought this building / opened this shop in an effort to preserve the historic building and bring good vibes to the community. We are actively working to restore the attached residential space to open it up as a rental down the line. Stop by our rock shop to say hi and check out our carefully curated and diverse collection of crystals, minerals, gifts, crafts, souvenirs, and more. For more history on the location, see info in the links below

We carefully curate each item in our shop, working with local artists and other small businesses that support ethically and sustainably sourced practices

We work with local artists, artisans, and other small businesses to showcase the diverse talents within our community
Locally Owned
We live, work, and are raising our family here in Ravenna. Our goal is to add value to the community and connect with our neighbors
We use recycled packaging and shipping materials and prioritize eco-conscious supplies and vendors

Shopping with us

We are working to ramp up our online presence to allow for online shopping and also to help y'all see some of our variety of products before heading into the shop. Keep in mind - we have SO MUCH MORE at the store! You can purchase a select few items online and pick them up at our storefront, but we recommend you come into our crystal store and engage in a full shopping experience. When shopping for crystals, it is tactile and energetic - things that do not generally translate to online shopping.


1516 NE 65th St Seattle, WA 98115 USA
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1516 NE 65th St Seattle, WA 98115
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Current Hours
Wednesdays 4pm-8pm Thursdays 4pm-8pm Fridays 3pm-8pm Saturdays 1pm-8pm Sundays 1pm-7pm SAFER SHOPPING HOURS: Fully masked shopping environment - Friday Mornings 8-10am or by appointment (call, text, or email)